An Extended Set of Ergonomic Criteria for Information Visualization Techniques

P.R.G. Luzzardi, C.M. Dal Sasso Freitas, R.A. Cava, G.D. Duarte, and M.H.S. Vasconcelos (Brazil)


: visualization techniques, evaluation, ergonomic criteria, usability testing, graphical user interface, interaction mechanisms


Several information visualization techniques have been developed in the last years due to the need of representing and analyzing the huge amount of data generated by several applications or made available through the World Wide Web. These techniques are usually interactive and provided as part of a graphical user interface. Information visualization techniques are usually reported showing their use in experimental situations, employing some kind of analysis. Recently, studies have specifically addressed the evaluation of such techniques. This paper reports results from the definition and application of specific criteria for the evaluation of information visualization techniques. The criteria encompass the evaluation of both visual representations and interaction mechanisms, within the framework of usability testing methods.

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