Painterly Rendering Designed for Impressionist-Art Representation with Multi-resolution Color Matching

T. Kawashima, M. Kimura, T. Nakamura, H. Itoh, and L. He (Japan)


Computer Graphics, Nonphotrealistic Rendering, Color Transfer and Mixture ofVision


The aim of this paper is to create a painterly image that fea tures expression similar to that employed in impressionist art. We attempt to reproduce impressionist techniques and their artistic sensitivity, and generate a painterly rendered image that borrows from the impressionist color and brush stroke style. Until now, we had presented an approach to painterly rendering by means of the interactive evolution ary computation (IEC), a system that calculates parameters for color-transfer processing with IEC, and generates color transferred images that are designed based on the optimum parameters the user desires. Following the color-transfer processing, the system executes painterly rendering pro cessing,and the user obtains a painterly rendered image. The approach presented in this paper is an updated version of the system that attempts to express "mixture of vision," which is one of the impressionists' discriminative techniques. To realize "mixture of vision," we have pro posed and developed multi-resolution color matching, and have constructed the new system. This paper illustrates some painterly rendered examples similar to impressionist art which is outputted with our new system.

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