Computation of the RCS of a Chaff Cloud

S. Kashyap and A. Louie (Canada)


RCS, radar, cross-section, chaff, bistatic


This paper describes the development of a new mathematical model for the computation of the radar cross section (RCS) of a chaff cloud. Starting from the composition of a chaff round in terms of numbers of dipoles of various lengths, the model establishes the initial and the final RCS of a chaff cloud as a function of radar frequency. Using concepts borrowed from Quantitative Stereology, it develops expressions for the computation of RCS of a chaff cloud as it expands in time. The computations take into account the limited beamwidth and limited range cell depth of the radar, and the fact that the range cell may fall in any part of the chaff cloud. Monostatic and bistatic RCS of the chaff cloud are computed.

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