Resonant Wave Propagation in Periodic Dielectric Structures

E. Semouchkina, A. Baker, G. Semouchkin, C. Randall, and M. Lanagan (USA)


Metamaterials, Ceramics, electromagnetic coupling,electromagnetic fields, FDTD methods, dielectricresonators.


Wave propagation in dielectric structures formed by periodic embedding high-permittivity posts (20<'<100) into low-permittivity host material ('<10) is analyzed using finite-difference time-domain simulations. The structures are fabricated by low temperature co-fired ceramic technology. It is demonstrated that the interplay between dielectric resonator local mode symmetry and global lattice symmetry provides for unique electromagnetic wave paths in conjunction with the effect of coupling between the resonators. As the result, frequency dependent channeling of wave propagation and properties compared to ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials are observed in the structures, which could be used for creation new low-loss microwave and mm-wave devices.

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