A PO based Method for the Efficient Computation of Reflector Antenna Patterns

F. D'Agostino, F. Ferrara, C. Gennarelli, and G. Riccio (Italy)


Reflector Antennas, Radiation Pattern, Physical Optics, Nonredundant Sampling Representation


A fast and accurate process for the evaluation of the radiation pattern of reflector antennas is presented in this paper. It is developed in the high-frequency framework of the Physical Optics approximation for the surface electric current induced on the reflector by the field radiated from the feed. Two steps form the method. The former consists in subdividing the reflector into a proper number of sub domains and then, for each of them, calculating the field at the output points via an optimal interpolation algorithm which uses a nonredundant number of samples. In the latter, the results obtained at the first step for each output point are aggregated for determining the radiation pattern of the considered reflector antenna. Numerical simulations assess the efficiency of the proposed approach.

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