Design and Analysis of U-shaped Multi-element Antennas Printed on a Dielectric Substrate

S.S. Kathayat and T. Wakabayashi (Japan)


FDTD Method, Multiple Resonance, Printed Antenna, Multimedia Mobile Communication, Wireless-LANS.


Different types of U-Shaped Multi-Element (USME) array antennas printed on a dielectric substrate are analyzed with various numbers of elements using the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. The antenna characteristics, including the input impedance, far field patterns, electric field, and current distribution, are obtained by using the FDTD method. From the analytical results, it is clear that these antennas have multi resonance characteristics at different frequencies. These antennas demonstrate fairly omnidirectional radiation patterns, very similar to that of a dipole antenna. Since multi-frequency operation is a function of the number of elements, this antenna can be used in multi-frequency operation generally required for multimedia wireless communication.

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