Antenna Directivity Evaluation by Spherical Spiral Scanning in Near Field Region

F. D'Agostino, F. Ferrara, C. Gennarelli, G. Riccio, and C. Savarese (Italy)


Antenna Directivity, Sampling, Spherical Near Field Far Field Transformation, Spiral Scanning


An efficient technique for the evaluation of the directivity of an antenna under test from near field measurements on a spherical spiral curve is here presented. The procedure uses a formula in closed form for computing the total radiated power from the knowledge of the radiation intensity sam ples on the far field sphere. Such samples are determined via an efficient probe compensated near field far field transformation based on a nonredundant sampling repre sentation of the probe voltage on the spiral. This inno vative scanning allows the reduction of the time required for the data acquisition by means of a continuous move ment of the positioning systems. The effectiveness of the proposed procedure is assessed by numerical simulations.

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