Mobile Satellite Access Antenna with Perturbed Array Structure

S.I. Jeon, S.H. Son, K.H. Lee, and C.J. Kim (Korea)


Phased Array Antenna, Sidelobe, Position Perturbation, Satellite Communications


This paper introduces the mobile satellite access antenna with a perturbed array structure based on active phased array antenna technology. For active phased array antennas, the array structure for their pattern synthesis is one of most important issues. The array structure of the mobile terminal antenna for satellite communications requires its antenna pattern to have low sidelobe characteristics to protect adjacent satellites by avoiding unwanted interference emission. In this paper, the position of array element was perturbed and optimized for the array antenna pattern to synthesize low sidelobes. The characteristics of the optimized array antenna patterns were investigated according to the number of array elements. The perturbed array structure was implemented on the mobile satellite access antenna with stair-planar configuration. Finally, the antenna was equipped on the roof of the vehicle and tested for satellite multimedia communications on the road.

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