A Design of OFDMA Modulator based on IEEE 802.16a Standard for High Speed Packet Transmission

H.S. Park, Y.O. Park, and C.-S. Kim (Korea)


OFDMAmodulator, PAPR.


This paper presents the implementation and test results of the OFDMA modulator based on the IEEE 802.16a standard. In hardware design, it is very important deciding the bit-word length of each subblock. Thus, the bit-word length for sublocks of modulator is presented to support the acceptable performance and lower complexity. In OFDMA modulator, the subchannel allocation is used for multiple user. We analyze the PAPR (Peak average power ratio) characteristics of transmitted signal according to the number of subchannels. The results show that PAPR value is almost same for any number of subchannels, but the probability distribution of transmitted signal varies depending on the number of subchannels. The presented modulator was verified by board-level experiment. The test results show that the implemented modulator operates suc cessfully.

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