Targeted Messages in Indoor Mobile Environment: A Software-oriented Approach

A. Tsilira, A. Pateli, E. Athanasiadis, and D. Spinellis (Greece)


mobile advertising, positioning services, targeted messages


Considering the advances of wireless, mobile and positioning technologies and the high requirement of the mobile marketing world for reaching as many customers as possible in a personalized way, this paper presents a wireless technology solution for sending targeted advertising or information messages on mobile devices. The research and development work presented in this paper has been conducted as part of a European-funded project named mEXPRESS (mobile in-EXhibition PRovision of Electronic Support Services) which aims at developing a Mobile Exhibition Guide providing location based services. In this context, we have built a Targeted Messenger subsystem enabling on-site promotion of exhibits via targeted spots as well as targeted announcements to user groups based on their profile, preferences and location in exhibition halls. This paper discusses the Targeted Messenger component's architecture and design specification, with the aid of UML tools, as well as its implementation, based on J2EE multi tier implementation platform.

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