Mobile, on Demand Access of Service-Annotated 3D Maps

M. Przybilski, S. Campadello, and T. Saridakis (Finland)


Context Awareness, Service-Annotated Maps, Mobile Ser vices, Secure Access


The ever-increasing capabilities (processing power, mem ory, connectivity, display, etc.) of personal devices such as PDAs and mobile phones, as well as their convergence, have enabled the development of 3D map applications for mobile users. In addition to 3D map layouts, textures and route finding features, such applications can also provide access to location-specific services (e.g. restaurants and their "menu-of-the-day"). The challenge that those mobile 3D applications have to face is how to efficiently provide up-to-date location-specific data and services. Based on the TellMaris and Robocop projects this paper addresses these issues and provides a solution that is based on dynamically obtaining the location-specific data and services on user's demand.

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