A Pro-Active Middleware Platform for Mobile Environments

D. Conan, C. Taconet, D. Ayed, L. Chateigner, N. Kouici, and G. Bernard (France)


Proactiveness, mobile environment, context-awareness, disconnection management, fault tolerance, deployment.


With wireless communications and mobile hand-held de vices becoming a reality, new applications where users can have access to information anytime, anywhere are made possible. To design a middleware-based platform for applications such as emergency aid, crisis manage ments, our approach is threefold. We design and imple ment a middleware platform that hides as much as possi ble the details of the hardware, the operating system, and the telecommunication protocols from application devel opers and users. Then, we define a context manager as sociated with a middleware manager that cope with the collaboration between the users and the other middle ware services. Next, users and the other middleware ser vices rely on context information: the former for express ing needs and behaviour, the latter for being pro-active. These middleware services include disconnection man agement, fault management, deployment.

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