Adaptive Reconfigurable Distributed Dynamic Systems in the Control-Optimization Framework

E.M. Burmakin, B.A. Krassi, and J.O. Tuominen (Finland)


Distributed dynamic computing systems, formal methods, AMPROS, control, adaptation, reconfiguration, optimization


A novel control-optimization methodology for the formal design of the adaptation and reconfiguration mechanisms in the distributed dynamic computing systems (DDCS) has been proposed. The core idea of the methodology is to formalize DDCS as a cybernetic system. The emphasis of the paper is on the development of the theoretical basis that would allow maintaining the required performance of DDCS under the influence of the time-varying user requirements and the non-stationary environment of DDCS by means of the feedback control. The automatic control design problem has been solved by the constrained optimization on graphs. The development of the robust-adaptive control algorithm for the DDCS reconfiguration is among the most important results of the paper.

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