The CORBA Component Model Streaming Extension

F. Stoinski (Germany)


CORBA Component Model, Component-based Software Development, Data Streams, Automatic Code Generation


The CORBA Component Model is a modern component technology that assists creating new complex and distributed software applications in a rapid way. For a long time much effort has been made to integrate audio and video streams into component applications. Today people realize that component technology promises a great value for distributed data stream processing applications beyond video conferencing. This paper presents an extension to the CORBA Component Model for a specification and implementation framework for data stream components. By means of the CORBA Component Model an enhanced meta-model for CORBA components that allows for the integration of universal data streams will be presented and solutions for the functional extension of the CORBA component container as the runtime environment for data stream components will be discussed. The concepts elaborated in this paper are proofed by a prototype and are currently under review for standardization.

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