A Visual Software Development Environment based on Graph Grammars

T. Goto, T. Kirishima, N. Motousu, K. Tsuchida, and T. Yaku (Japan)


program diagrams, attribute graph grammars, graph editors, cyclomatic complexity, SVG, animation


We have developed a software development environment using the program diagram "Hichart". We implemented a graphical editor for Hichart. Our editor can calculate cyclomatic complexity and generate SVG files for a given Hichart diagram. In this paper, we explain our formal method for implementing these features based on attribute graph grammars. The obtained SVG file animates the process of calculating a cyclomatic complexity of a given Hichart diagram on any readily available Web browser. We also describe an automatic generation of an SVG file that can be displayed in drawing aesthetic diagrams. The formal method described in this paper is based on attribute graph grammars and will be applicable to the implementation of features for various systems that treat graphical objects.

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