An Integrated Environment of S/W Specification and V&V for Safety-Critical Systems

S.R. Koo, P.H. Seong, J. Yoo, S.D. Cha, C. Youn, and H.-C. Han (Korea)


Software Tools, V&V, Specification, Safety-Critical System, Analysis, Configuration Management


As a digital system becomes more important in recent years, software specification and analysis techniques become a central problem in the safety-critical systems. Therefore, the importance of software verification and validation (V&V) based on an adequate specification is more emphasized in view of the software quality. For a thorough V&V, it should be performed throughout whole software life cycle. However, these kinds of works are very difficult to perform systematically because of manual-oriented tasks. This paper introduces various CASE tools to support the system specification for a formal based analysis according to the software life cycle. These tools are integrated through interface functions between each tool. Consequently, an integrated environment of S/W specification and V&V is proposed for safety-critical systems. Integrated environment consists of SIS-RT for concept phase, NuSRS for requirement phase, NuSDS for design phase, and NuSCM for configuration management. After further development efforts, our integrated environment is believed to turn out to be a unique and promising software development and analysis tool to support throughout whole life cycle.

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