Tool Support for Usage-based Reading

T. Thelin, P. Andersson (Sweden), and J. Harrell (USA)


CASE tool, Fault content estimation, Reading Technique, Software inspection, jInspect.


Software inspection is an efficient method to increase the quality of software products. The main purpose of software inspections is to detect faults. In order to provide support to reviewers and inspection moderators, computer support can be used. Some computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools have been developed. However, no tool provides support for the reading method, usage-based reading (UBR), together with fault content estimations and metrics collection. This paper describes a tool and experience from using UBR in software projects. The tool is named jInspect, and consists of two parts. The first part is aimed for an individual reviewer and the second part is aimed to support an inspection moderator. The individual reviewer is provided with prioritized use cases and follows the instructions of UBR. The inspection moderator is provided with support to merge faults and estimate the remaining faults. In addition, the paper compares the tool to other developed inspection tools, and outlines further work to be carried out.

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