Tool Support for a Risk Management Process -- An Empirical Study on Effectiveness and Efficiency

S. Biffl, M. Heindl, M. Auer, and M. Halling (Austria)


. Risk management process, RiskIt, tool sup port, empirical evaluation.


Risk management helps to identify and assess risks in software engineering projects. On top of general software process models explicit risk analysis processes focus on effective and efficient risk identification. Tool support has shown promising results in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of such group processes in other domains. This paper investigates options of tool support for risk analysis group workshops. We present a feasibility study that investigates whether tool support is worthwhile for group support of risk identification workshops. We com pare a paper-based and a tool-based implementation of a well-known risk analysis process in an academic envi ronment. Main results of the feasibility study are that tool sup port increases the performance of several process stages, while more specific tools may be needed for other stages.

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