Applying ANote to Modeling Multi Agent Systems -- A Case Study in E-Business

K.C.C. Silva, R. Choren, and C.J. Lucena (Brazil)


Software Engineering, Applications, Multi agent systemsModeling language, Electronic Commerce


Progress in Software Engineering and in Artificial Intelligence has provided for advances in software development. The use of the agent technology for system design is justified by the increasing complexity inlaid in such system, where the characteristics defined in the agents are better adapted to this modeling type. This paper focuses on the study of modeling language for multi agent systems and adopts the ANote language and a ViewPoints Perspective. ANote is a modeling language for multi agent system, where analysis is carried out by decomposing the system into structural and behavioral views, while observing the differences between objects and agents and the dynamic nature of the multi agent systems. A case study in real world domain is presented, illustrating a virtual fruit market of e-business with software agents that represent buyers and vendors.

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