E-Learning Infrastructure for Software Engineering Education: Steps in Ontology Modeling for SWEBOK

C. Wille, R.R. Dumke (Germany), A. Abran, and J.M. Desharnais (Canada)


Software Engineering Body of Knowledge,SWEBOK, ISO/IEC TR 19759, Ontology, E-Learning


: The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) has been developed to represent an international consensus formed through broad public participation in the review process and is now close to final approval as ISO/IEC TR 19759. This guide constitutes an integrated structuring of a large set of software engineering concepts developed individually over the past forty years from a large number of distinct viewpoints. The absence of a recognized consensus on software engineering terminology has been a challenging task in building the SWEBOK Guide and in achieving this international consensus. This paper presents a first ontological approach to building domain-specific ontologies as a part of the Semantic Web, and shows how it can be used to build the SWEBOK ontology and to increase its internal consistency and clarity. Finally, new ideas on how a SWEBOK ontology can help in developing an e-learning system on software engineering are presented.

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