Consistent Object-based Software Construction for Embedded Applications

C. Heinisch and J. Goll (Germany)


consistent modeling of embedded applications, state-basedcollaboration diagram, collaboration diagram in a layermodel, client-server object diagram, safety-relatedsystems


In this article a new method for a consistent object-based software construction will be suggested, that allows a straightforward modeling of embedded applications. To this aim new diagram types, the so-called state-based collaboration diagrams, collaboration diagrams in layer models and client-server object diagrams will be intro duced. The client-server object diagram is completely UML-conform and for the state-based collaboration diagrams and the collaboration diagrams in layer models only a few UML extensions are necessary. The new state based collaboration diagrams will prevent discrepancies between objects' interactions and state charts, and the collaboration diagrams in layer models will allow a con sistent transition between analysis and design, and further more a consistent consideration of the dynamic and static properties of an architecture. In the case of safety-related systems the collaboration diagrams in layer models help to decouple functions of different safety integrity levels according to IEC 61508. And last but not least the client server object diagrams will support the transition between the activities system analysis and system design as well as the transition between system design and implementation.

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