Survey and Evaluation of Agent Oriented Software Engineering

S.J. Juneidi and G. Vouros (Greece)


AOSE, methodology, modeling technique, GAIA, MaSE, AgentUML ( AUML).1.0


Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) is occupying a major domain in the research field, motivated by at least two main disciplines in computer science, Software Engineering (SE), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) more precisely Distributed Artificial Intelligent (DAI) presented as Agent Base Computing. Even though their wasn't a concrete relation between these two main fields in the past years, SE and agent base computing start to interact seeking an appropriate methodology and modeling technique for modeling and applying software agents into software development process. This article offers gaudiness and evaluation for the main approaches toward AOSE methodologies and modeling techniques, concentrating on analysis and design phases, and helps the researchers and practitioners to have a general and overall view of the different approaches with judgment procedure.

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