Generating Reusable Cluster-based Test Cases for Framework Applications: Is It Worth It?

J. Al Dallal and P. Sorenson (Canada)


hooks, FICs, object-oriented framework, objectoriented framework application, cluster testing.


Object-oriented frameworks support both software code and design reusability. In addition, it is found that providing class-based tests with the framework reduces considerably the class-based testing time and effort of the applications developed using the frameworks. Similarly, reusable cluster-based test cases can be generated using the framework hooks and they too can be provided with the framework to reduce the cluster testing time and effort of the framework applications. In this paper, we conduct a case study using five applications developed using Client-Server Framework (CSF). The results show that in some cases it is worthwhile to provide reusable cluster-based tests with the framework using the hooks. However, in all the considered applications, the coverage results of the reusable class based test cases are better than the coverage results of the reusable cluster-based test cases. The conclusions point to the need to conduct further research to determine under what conditions reusable cluster-based test case generation is worthwhile.

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