Delegation of Signing and Decryption Rights using PKI Proxy Memo

V.L.S. Cheung, L.C.K. Hui, S.M. Yiu, K.P. Chow, K.H. Pun, W.W. Tsang, H.W. Chan, and C.F. Chong (PRC


Security, Cooperative Work Support, PKI, Delegation


Nowadays electronic documents are becoming more and more popular. Public Key Cryptography provides a theo retical framework for digital signature and document en cryption, and it is usually deployed in the form of a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). However, straight-forward de ployment of PKI technique will not handle delegation prop erly. This paper addresses the problem of handling del egation for electronic documents using PKI. A particular entity, named Proxy Memo, is introduced. This scheme simplifies the key management problem as well as the re demption of rights before or at the end of the delegation period.

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