Supporting Round-trip Engineering in Modeling Environments with the Application of Meta-modeling Techniques

L. Lengyel, T. Levendovszky, and H. Charaf (Hungary)


metamodel, DTD, round-trip engineering, codegeneration, reverse engineering, code-model relationship


Examining round-trip engineering in the software engineering process, we can realize that they have common parts, which we have to do in all cycles, such as model-code and code-model conversions. This paper presents a method and related algorithms, which generate those parts of model-code relation that can be automated, and makes possible to concentrate solely on the semantic information during the implementation. The method contains an automatic schema generation, which makes possible for the method to be practically adaptable for any models. In the proposed way an Universal Representation is generated which facilitates the separation of the original representation and the transformation steps in an automated yet checked way. A case study based on a complete implementation is provided as well.

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