Integration of Heterogeneous Distributed Components using Workflow Information

M. Nagura, Y. Hibi, S. Takada, and N. Doi (Japan)


component, workflow, EAI, UML, activity diagram


Component-based software engineering (CBSE) is be coming widely used for software development. CBSE is based on integrating previously developed pieces of soft ware called components. Components may not be just small-grained modules such as classes in object orienta tion, but may also be large-grained modules (such as EJB, CORBA and Web services). There are, however, issues that exist which make the actual development process non trivial. This paper considers two such issues: (1) hetero geneity of components and (2) expressing the design of how they can be connected. We have developed a proto type tool that solves these issues by automatically gener ating adapters for integrating heterogeneous components, and that uses UML's activity diagram to specify the work flow which expresses the design of the software to be de veloped.

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