Visual Analysis for a Sense-and-Respond Enterprise

S. Kapoor, D. Gresh, J. Schiefer, P. Chowdhary, and S. Buckley (USA)


Information Visualization, Data Analysis,Sense-and-Respond.


A Sense-and-Respond enterprise is one that is constantly evolving to keep up with the rapidly changing business en vironment. While these enterprises are "data rich," they are often at the same time "information poor." There is a criti cal need to: Display large amounts of data to see both the "nee dle" and the "hay." Make complex patterns stand out to focus on rele vant relationships. Interact with the data to isolate any interesting sub set as the analysis proceeds. Correlate across many variables to identify complex interrelationships. Easy to understand to make learning quick, informa tion usable by a wide audience and to facilitate com munication among decision-makers. Monitoring vast amounts of data is more than just provid ing real time alerts. It about saying "There is something going on here and here is all the information that will help you find the needle in the haystack and make a well in formed timely decision". In this paper we introduce data visualization techniques that are well-suited to finding the needle in the haystack because it can easily present large volumes of data, provide interactivity to explore the data, make visual patterns easy to see and make multivariate analysis simple and easy to comprehend.

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