A Proposal for Collaborative Virtual Environments Architecture using Internet Patterns

B. Serique Meiguins, L. Affonso Guedes, M. Venícios Araújo, M. de Brito Garcia, and R. Dias de Souza


Collaborative Virtual Environments, Object-orientedDesign, UML.


Most of the problems related to Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE) involve communication support, which should allow any update to the interface to be quickly noticed by other users. To minimize these difficulties, this paper proposes an architecture for the communication support on CVE. The goal is to allow the developer not to worry so much about the communication layer during the development of the application. As basic requisites, the architecture should be easily extensible, updateable and supported by a variety of applications. The design of the architecture of the collaborative virtual environment is object-oriented and UML-based(Unified Modeling Language).

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