Architecture of a Novel DRM System

J. Zhang, L. Shao, and D. Xie (PRC)


DRM, system design, ODCP


In the Internet world, DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems are widely used to protect the copyright of digital assets, but currently most DRM systems have difficulties to entitle contents in groups and pre-deliver licenses for the future contents. This paper describes a novel DRM system named On Demand Content Protection (ODCP), which is designed to solve these problems. By organizing the contents in trees, ODCP could accommodate the grouped content entitlement and pre-license function, and makes it easy to apply monthly subscription as well as pay-per-view. In ODCP, licenses are granted to the users, not the devices. So a user can own multiple devices, and play the content on any of these devices without buying extra licenses. This paper also proposes a three-layer DRM system architecture: business model layer, delivery model layer and security model layers, which are applied in the system design of ODCP.

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