Evaluating the Requirements Engineering Process using Major Concerns

J. Li (Canada), A. Eberlein (UAE), and B.H. Far (Canada)


Requirements engineering, process model, CORE, process development, process assessment.


The complexity and variety of software projects, the mul tidisciplinary and uncertainty of requirements engineering (RE) demand adoption of good RE practices. The most noticeable work of RE process assessment and improve ment is the CMM-like three level RE process maturity assessment model by Sommerville and Sawyer [1]. This paper proposes a new RE process assessment method. The novelty of this research is threefold: firstly, it proposes a new concept "COncern of Requirement Engineering (CORE) to be used in RE process development and as sessment. Secondly, it proposes a list of major COREs based on theoretical research and an industrial survey. Thirdly, a RE process assessment model has been pro posed based on the concept of CORE and initial list of major COREs. A case study based on CORE is presented to show the applicability of the concept and the assess ment model developed. This work is a part of the frame work for RE process development in our current research.

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