Challenge to Development of Guiding System using an Active Camera for Computer Assisted Surgery

K. Kondo, K. Nakao, S. Kobashi, and Y. Hata (Japan)


position and pose estimation, pointing device,computer assisted surgery (CAS), model based matching.


We propose a method for estimating the pose/position of a guiding reference object using both camera images and 3-dimensional model data of the guiding object. Our objective is to identify the object position/pose and to move an optical pointing device (laser pointer) mounted on an active camera so that LED light is pointed at the desired orientation and position. During a surgical procedure, probe positioning should be achieved at precisely desired position and orientation. For this purpose, we update input images of a camera on the pointer and iterate estimations by moving the camera. This iterative approach with updated images makes the pose/position parameters to be estimated more accurately than approaches with only one image. Though iterated estimation generally increases the computational effort, estimation task is achieved with improvement in speed by the approach with changing image resolution. Through some experimental results, we show that the proposed method is effective for guiding system.

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