A New Method of Non-simultaneous Multi-electrode Stimulation for Selective Stimulation in Cochlear Implant

H. Sadjedi, S.A. Motamedi, and S.M.P. Firoozabadi (Iran)


Electromagnetic Field Simulation, CochlearImplant, Multi-electrode Selective Stimulation, ElectricalStimulation, Electronic Medical Devices


Auditory nerve Fibers stimulation by Electrical current with Implanted Electrodes is the basis of cochlear implant system, so expansion of current spread in volume conductor will expand Electrical Potential and stimulates a larger region. This expansion will decrease accuracy and resolution in both the possibility of investigation of an especial area at NRT clinical tests and also in stimulating for hearing, thus at selective stimulation strategies, narrowing in width of expansion of stimulation area is the main target. At this paper, we have presented a new non-simultaneous multi-electrode stimulation method based on applying the inhibitory pre-pulses by lateral electrodes that changes the initial conditions of the fibers. The results of simulations show that this method will solve the problem of simultaneous stimulation in conventional tri-polar stimulation methods and also is effective at controlling of stimulation area, comparing with tri-polar stimulation area, qualitatively and quantitatively.

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