Development of a Micro-Controller Interface and Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control Program for a Lower Body Negative Pressure Chamber using Various Environmental Variables as Control Inputs

J.J. Allan (Canada), D.F.G. Azevedo, F.P. Falcão, L. Piccoli, T. Russomano (Brazil), J.L. Gurgel, G. Petrat (Germany), and S.S. Thomsen (Denmark)


Control Systems, Lower Body Negative PressureChamber, Aerospace Medicine


One purpose of Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP) chambers is to simulate the transition from microgravity to Earth-gravity. Physiological tests are conducted to assess stresses upon the cardiovascular system during these simulations. In general, the internal negative air pressure of LBNP chambers is controlled with a proportional control system using only air-pressure as input. This can lead to an uncomfortable environment for the test subject. The proposed LBNP chamber uses a proportional integral derivative control program, which uses temperature, humidity and airflow in addition to the traditional air-pressure as inputs. These proposed additional parameters would serve to better control the internal environment of the LBNP chamber.

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