2 Laser Surface Modification of Polyurethane for Clinical Applications" />

CO2 Laser Surface Modification of Polyurethane for Clinical Applications

M.E. Khosroshahi, A. Karkhneh, and F. Orang (Iran)


CO2 laser, Polyurethane,Modification, Adhesivity.


The morphology effects of chop and super pulse wave of CO2 laser on polyurethane have been evaluated. The final temperature at the threshold fluences of 200 and 400 mJcm-2 for CPW and SPW may reach to about 322 and 343 K, justified by their effective absorption coefficients of 1.2x103 cm-1 and 1.3x103 cm-1 respectively and SEM photographs. The ATR-FTIR analysis of laser irradiation samples indicated four new peaks at wave number 1463, 1370, 1259 and 458 cm-1 . The contact angle measurements showed an increase of surface free energy from 28 mNm-1 to 50 mNm-1 after 8 pulse at 0.1 W using CPW mode. We believe that CO2 laser long pulses can be suitable for the purpose of cell adhesivity.

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