The Analysis of Heart Rate Variability using Independent Component Signals

A.R. Teixeira, A.P. Rocha, R. Almeida, and A.M Tomé (Portugal)


Independent component analysis, blind source separation,sympathetic nerve activity, parasympathetic nerve activity,heart rate variability, QT variability.


Assuming that the fluctuations in the RR or in the (RR, QT) intervals of an ECG signal correspond to measures or sen sor signals of a linear mixing model the independent com ponents or source signals are computed. To extract the in dependent signals we propose a modified version of the al gorithm AMUSE. A preliminary experimental study show that the estimated independent components are in fact re lated with the Low Frequency (LF) and with the High Fre quency (HF) fluctuations of heart rate variability (HRV).

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