Classification Possibilities of Blood Serum Crystallograms in the KLT Domain

J. Hozman and P. Pata (Czech Republic)


Blood Serum Crystallograms Classification, KarhunenLove Transform


The crystallization in mixture of physiological solution (0.9% NaCl) with blood serum leads to the creation of characteristic dendritic crystals. The composition of the blood serum influences crystallization results in dependence on simultaneous pathological processes in the organism. Because of this crystallographic method, there is a requirement to find a set of classification methods of blood serum crystallograms. One of them is Karhunen Love expansion (PCA). An evaluation of classification possibilities of the blood serum crystallograms based on application of Karhunen Love expansion is conducted and discussed. As follows from the above mentioned facts, the main aim is to classify the blood serum crystallograms based on supposed diagnoses. The first most important task is to determine the images of the blood serum crystallograms related to healthy and unhealthy humans.

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