Integrated ATM Network and DSP Algorithms for Telemammography

E. Sheybani, R. Sankar, and W. Qian (USA)


ATM, CAD, ROI, DICOM, Telemammography.


A high-speed network driven by a set of ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) switches in association with CAD/DSP (computer aided diagnosis/detection and digital signal processing) algorithms has been set up as the architecture for lossless delivery of data to effectively facilitate mammography detection and diagnosis. Expanding diagnostics and treatment beyond the local level potentially covering underserved areas will bring better health care to a wider range of people at a potentially reduced cost. This work describes the Asynchronous Transfer Mode Teleradiology Network (ATMTN) and the associated signal processing algorithms that offers on-line, real time, more accurate screening, detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. ATMTN is a high-speed network integrated with DICOM standards and CAD methods for digital mammography.

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