Lower Limb Vein Cross Section Changes Measured by Echography Inside Spaceflight Stand Test Simulator (LBNP: Lower Body Negative Pressure) and Ground Stand Test

P. Arbeille, P. Kerbeci, A. Capri, M. Porcher, and J. Boulay (France)


: Calf, vein, echography, stand test, LBNP. Keywords: Vein, echography, stand test.


: The objective was to measure the calf vein cross section changes in response to stand and LBNP tests after a 7 day HDT. Method: Seven healthy volunteers (women) participated to a 7d HDT. During pre and post HDT Stand tests and LBNP, we measured the posterior Tibial vein diameter 1cm below the Popliteal vein. ECG, and Blood pressure, were also measured for evaluating the orthostatic tolerance. Results: During Stand test, the Tibial vein distension tnde to increase post HDT both in sitting and standing position. This increased distension was significantly higher in non Tolerant subject. At Post HDT LBNP the Tibial vein distension was significantly higher than at pre HDT but the highest vein distension was found in Tolerant subjects. Stand test and LBNP does not disturb similarly the cardiovascular and non cardiovascular systems (leg muscle, otoliths, neck proprioceptors, baro-receptors) which may explain that the vein response could be different in both test.

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