A Novel Optimized Subdivision Algorithm for Modeling and Animation

M.H. El-Zahar, F.M. Ghaleb, H.K. Hussein, and Y.M. Abd El-Latif (Egypt)


Recursive Subdivision Surfaces, Surface optimization,Modeling and animation, Subdivision scheme, Graphics.


Subdivision surfaces are rapidly gaining popularity in computer graphics, modeling, simulation and animation. Existing of subdivision algorithms is suffer from the lack of precise definition of the schemes with guaranteed behavior for a sufficiently general type of control meshes, non-smoothness due to the existence of regular and non regular face types during the subdivision process and incapability of optimizing mesh subdivision up to user controlled criteria. This paper proposes a new algorithm for unifying surface types and optimizing the surface continuity consequently increases the smoothness of the generated mesh surface. Comparisons with existing techniques are included; advantages of our proposed technique over previous algorithms are examined. Our approach is supported by discussions and illustrations of some experimental results.

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