A New Method for a Fast Detection and Seamless Restoration of Line Scratches in Motion Pictures

S. Milady (Germany) and S. Kasaei (Iran)


Line scratch, AR model, median filter, restoration,Bayesian sampling.


Line scratches are common artefacts in old motion pictures that may produce a very annoying effect on the viewer. In this paper, we will introduce a new method for fast detection and high quality restoration of this kind of degradation. Our detection method relies on the statistical characteristics of the intensity of pixels in the scratched areas of frames. For high quality restoration of the scratches we use a mixed adaptive stochastic AR-Median model to restore the scratched areas. The proposed detection algorithm is fast and more efficient compared to the other available approaches. The main contribution of our restoration algorithm is its ability to jointly adapt the image model to the data and concurrently restore the missing pixels.

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