Simulation of Groove Grinding and Wheel Dressing using Dual Resolution Voxel Model

Y.C. Chen (USA)


: CNC-grinding, voxel model, CNCsimulation, CNC-milling


Grooves can be ground in a computer numerical control (CNC) grinder with the rotation axis of the grinding wheel vertical to the surface of the work piece. However, vertical grinding does not provide the desired surface finish and accuracy due to the low speed of grinding surface. A better way of grinding a groove is to use a larger wheel and with wheel axis horizontal. The formulism for horizontal grinding is far more complicated than for vertical grinding. It is wise to use simulators to debug the CNC programming code for such a complicated process before the actual grinding. In this paper, an approximated method based on the voxel model using dual resolutions (DRVM) is proposed to simulate the grinding process. In addition, a simulator, which dresses the grinding wheel for curved groove grinding is also discussed. The prototypes of the grinding simulator and the wheel dressing were built to demonstrate the performance of the DRVM.

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