Modular Modelling and Construction of Finite Simulation in MORM

A. Besrour and D. Buchs (Switzerland)


Simulation, Industrial Systems, Measures Discretization,Petri Nets.


This paper states the basic principles of the MORM Model (Man-Machine Occupational Risk modelling), which is de vised for modelling risk in wide-scaled industrial systems. It does focus on the discretization measures for simulation, which is designed to express a machine's interconnection and the process model according to the modular approach we adapted to realise the MORM model. The MORM method ology is based on several techniques, such as concurrent ob ject oriented implementation, algebraic Petri nets, statistic and probability modelling, etc. This paper shows how ma chines interconnection data is implemented using formal methods, and object oriented techniques, and how this imple mentation is integrated to the simulation and analysis proc ess.

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