Wireless Distributed System for Data Acquisition and Control

V.-M. Panait, M.-C. Mircea, T. Pircalabu, and N. Tapus (Romania)


distributed system, wireless communication,Bluetooth,data acquisition, microcontroller.


The paper describes a wireless distributed system for data acquisition and control. The system consists of a distributed LAPD (Local Acquisition and Processing Device) wireless network; a LAPD has as main functions the monitoring of the parameters and the control of electric devices in the surveyed area. The data collected by one of the LAPDs is shared in the whole system via wireless devices, this way all the local information is available in the network of LAPDs, at each one of them. Using all this information, each LAPD is able to adapt itself to the changes in the network. The proposed system is able to communicate the data inside the areas surveyed by the wireless network to an outside mobile party. This way features like monitoring parameters or equipment control are available. If parts of the system are affected, the rest continues operating and, in fact, uses the information about the damaged areas. The proposed architecture may be mapped on different types of structures, such as buildings, stadiums, skyscrapers etc. Also an implementation and simulation of the system are provided, along with time measurements, demonstrating that the times involved in the computations and communications are small enough to make the system an interesting and powerful approach for future safety and automation systems, a field with very good audience in the industry.

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