Optimization of Trigeneration Plant with Heating and Cooling Energy Storages Operation

D. Franković, A. Višković, and G. Gudac (Croatia)


optimization, trigeneration, building management system,


Croatian tertiary sector has a large potential for cogeneration use [1]. Cogeneration systems, based on gas fueled internal combustion engines and synchronous generators, are a highly efficient process for on site electricity and heat production. Adding an absorption chiller to the system, a trigeneration system is obtained i.e. a system that simultaneously produces three different types of energy heating, cooling and electric energy. In the paper a trigeneration system, represented by a linear mathematical model, will be optimized for the daily system operation. Combining a building management system (BMS) with the optimization algorithm for short term plant scheduling the overall efficiency of the system is increased. The basic input parameters for the optimization algorithm are fuel cost, electricity cost and daily load diagrams including electricity demand, heating and cooling demand.

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