Handy Eyes: A Real-time Vision-based User Interface

J. Akhtar, M.H. Khan, W. Akram, and B.M. Hashmi (Pakistan)


Real-time eye tracking, Human Computer Interaction,Image Processing, Vision-based user interface, ArtificialNeural Networks.


Handy Eyes, is a real time vision based interfacing system, aimed at introducing an additional modality for human input to a computer, in the form of eye movement. The idea is to replace the mouse with input through human gaze. In this paper we propose a sequence of methodologies to provide a novel and simple solution to the real-time eye tracking and gaze-mapping problem. We developed a template for a person's eyebrows that is used to detect the eye region by applying image correlation. Histogram analysis of the extracted eye region is used to detect the exact position of the left and the right eye. Offsets of the center of the iris from the center of the nostrils are used as an input to a three layer feed forward neural network to estimate the position of the user's focus on a screen grid. We achieve an overall 75% accuracy in the results of Handy Eyes.

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