Protocol Conversion System for Sharing Digital Broadcasting Programs between ATSC and DVB

B. Bae, J. Yun, J. Choi, Y.K. Hahm, and S.I. Lee (Korea)


Digital broadcasting protocols, conversion system, ATSC,DVB, PSIP, SI


The broadcasting protocols of the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) and the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) standards for digital broadcasting are specified as PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol) and SI (Service Information), respectively. These different protocols demand the interoperable system between ATSC and DVB in order to share the broadcasting contents that are adapted to each protocol. In this paper, we propose a novel interoperability method that converts PSIP to SI or SI to PSIP and thus make it possible to share the digital broadcasting contents of ATSC and DVB. We verify the proposed method by designing and implementing the corresponding system.

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