Noise Reduction in a Remote Measurement System by using DSP Processor Methods

Y.-W. Bai, J.-I. Chu, and W.-Y. Chu (Taiwan)


Noise Reduction, DSP Processor, FIR Filter, MinimumMean Square Error, Computation Time, Graphical UserInterface.


As a result of the response waveforms of the testing circuits include the embedded noise from a typically remote measurement system. In this paper, we pass the measured waveforms with their embedded noise through digital FIR filters implemented by a digital signal processor to reduce the influence of noise at either the local or remote computers. Here, we use three types of the digital FIR filters: a FIR filter designed with a Hamming window, with a Kaiser window and an equiripple linear phase FIR filter based on a Parks-McClellan algorithm. In addition, we compare their filtering performance with the M.M.S.E. (Minimum Mean Square Error). Our experiment results show that the error rate of the M.M.S.E. is below the 2 %. We also compare the computation cost, i.e. the execution time needed from the DSP processor that executes the filter algorithm. The experimental results show that the execution time is in proportion to the filter order N.

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