Adaptive Control of Active Engine Mounts

A. Hillis, A.J.L. Harrison, and D.P. Stoten (UK)


Adaptive filter, active control, vibration isolation, enginemount


This paper describes initial work conducted in order to control automotive active engine mounts. Active engine mounts seek to cancel the oscillatory forces generated by the rotation of out of balance masses within the engine. The well known filtered-x least-mean-square (FXLMS) adap tive filter is used as a benchmark for comparison with a new implementation of the minimal controller synthesis (MCS) adaptive controller. Both algorithms are applied to an electro-mechanical rig simulating an engine-mount chassis system. The steady-state and transient performance of the two algorithms are compared and the relative merits of the two approaches are discussed. The MCS controller is found to perform in a similar fashion to the FXLMS fil ter, but offers advantages as it requires no cancellation path modelling.

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