Wavelet based Interference Reduction with Fuzzy Rule for MC-DS-CDMA System

T. Shibuya and S. Wada (Japan)


: Applications in Telecommunications, Wavelet Transforms, Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing.


This paper proposes a method for reducing additive narrowband signal, impulsive noise and direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) interferences simultaneously in multi-carrier DS-CDMA (MC-DS CDMA) communication systems. The interference and noise reduction or suppression is essential problem in wireless mobile communication systems. A fuzzy de noising scheme based on the Haar wavelet decomposition is applied to the interference reduction problems for MC DS-CDMA systems. The computational load with the Haar function is very small and the interferences in time and frequency domains can effectively be suppressed by selecting fuzzy reasoning parameters. In the simulations, the effectiveness of the methods for the MC-DS-CDMA is shown to compare with the DS-CDMA.

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