Signal Processing Challenges in High Frequency Surface Wave Radar

R. Dizaji, A.M. Ponsford, and R. Mckerracher (Canada)


Array Signal Processing, Detection and Estimation, Radar


High frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR) is low cost, phased array radar that is capable of detecting maritime vessels and low-flying aircrafts well in excess of the visible horizon. This radar operates within the congested HF band, placing many challenges on its signal processor. The wide variety of interference and noise sources makes HFSWR an attractive benchmark for developing new signal processing techniques. The HF radar data contains external interference sources that include co-channel interference, manmade noise and impulsive noise and self-interference sources that include both ocean and ionospheric clutter. In this paper, we examine different classes of interference and demonstrate techniques to counter them. Results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques and the capability of the technology.

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